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Your Own Personal DIY Aquarium Kit

Perk up your workspace with a bit of LIVING ART!
Put a little "zen" into your day and tune out the chaos with this personal sized aquarium. Great for a reception area to put visitors at ease. Got cranky customers or a mean boss? Calm yourself by focusing on the fish movements. Lower your blood pressure instantly by shifting your mind to something more soothing and natural.

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5 Gallon Fluval 10505 Chi Aquarium [USA]
5 Gallon Fluval 10505 Chi Aquarium [Canada]

Hagen Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit

  • Size: 5 gal (19 litres)
  • Unique aquarium design creates perfect balance of sight and sound
  • 17 powerful led lights plus a permanent up light providing a gentle glow
  • Powerful filtration for sparkling, healthy water
  • 5 gallon glass aquarium, includes filter media
  • Measures 10 l x 10 w x 14.4 H inches

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