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Salmon is in my D.N.A.

For most of my life, I've been a complete fanatic for salmon. Any type. I'll eat it straight from the can, skin and all (well, usually minus the bones unless my eagerness gets the better of me).

When I first moved out on my own at age 16, my friends and I would go fish out a salmon from the local river every Friday night. Before I learned how to set up house and home, the first thing I mastered was cleaning salmon and prepping it for the barbecue. I mean... I *LOVE* salmon!

Nothing better on a Friday night than a buttered, grilled, garlic-filled salmon with a cold beer.

When my dad was still alive (up until I turned 8) he fed me a lot of seafood. In fact, my first solid food was a sardine, which he slipped me when my mom wasn't looking. I was still in a high chair and he slips me a sardine! Ha ha, apparently my little tastebuds were quite shocked and I made some unpleasant faces. But sardines later came to be one of my favorite foods. For sure, he influenced my pallette to love all seafood.

Later in life, a few years after dad's passing, I discovered salmon on my own and it was love at first taste. Ever since then, I can never get enough of the stuff. I don't know why. I'm just crazy about it and that's all I know!

So then... imagine my surprise to find that my father's home town - Campbellton, New Brunswick in Eastern Canada is known as "the undisputed capital of salmon country". They have various sculptures to showcase their love and pride of the lively (and tasty) salmon.

Apparently there is even a "Salmon Plaza", plus a "Salmon Festival" each year. What?!?! Is it possible that salmon is in my D.N.A.??!?

This is really fascinating and I can't explain it but would love to hear your theories in the comments section about how such a coincidence came to be.

Here's an excerpt from the wikipedia page for Campbellton N.B....

Campbellton is the undisputed capital of salmon country. Sport fishing enthusiasts literally travel from around the world to this part of New Brunswick in search of Atlantic Salmon. To honour the king of game fish, the City erected an 8.5 meter stainless steel sculpture on its waterfront and lovingly adopted him as "Restigouche Sam". In the summer months, Salmon Plaza provides a picturesque backdrop for many photo opportunities and serves as an ideal spot for activity during the annual Salmon Festival (usually held the last week in June). [source]

Written by Pauline Wiser
Source for image of grizzly catching salmon with its mouth
Source for image of salmon statue
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