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Don't Be Fooled by "Norwegian" at the Fish Market

Recently, Dave (the person in our household that picks up the groceries) came home with a nice salmon filet. Fish is one of our favorites and neither of us has been fishing in a long time. So the grocery store is the next best thing to feed our fish hankerings.

He announced proudly that the thick salmon filet was "Norwegian" so "it's gotta be good and healthy".

When he hears that something is from Norway, he's thinking of this...

And when I think of Norway, I think of this...

So this Norwegian fish must be good and clean and wholesome! Right?... right?

But then I remembered a video I had seen on YouTube. I'm pretty sure it was about the fish farms in Norway. They are considered to be the most polluted, toxic fish in the world. That can't be right!! Was it actually Norwegian? It can't be that our Canadian supermarket is trying to pass this off to Canadians as if we have no fish stocks of our own. I must be wrong in that recollection!

Then I went digging for the video. Sure enough the video was about Norwegian fish farms. It's the antithesis of what you'd expect. I suppose that's why it's so shocking. And that's why I want to share that information here. Because it would be easy for you all to go searching for "good fish" and assume that Norwegian is "good, clean and wholesome". But the reality is quite nasty. In fact, if you live in France, 70% of the fish sold in your country comes from these Norwegian farms.

The video can only be seen on YouTube, so here's the link. Judge for yourself...

Farmed Norwegian Salmon World’s Most Toxic Food - YouTube, full documentary (54:28)

Naturally the folks at Norway's fish farms are not pleased about the documentary, so here's their response to the situation...

The video can only be seen on YouTube, so here's the link.

Norway's fishing industry fights back after salmon scare - opens YouTube (2:32)
 click to view on YouTube

It's good that they are trying to change their methods but for now, my household will be avoiding this particular type of fish.


This story continues here: Norwegian Fish Farming, Part Deux

Written by Pauline Wiser
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