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Norwegian Fish Farming, Part Deux

In the previous post, I shared the shocking info about how toxic fish farms are in Norway. It was puzzling as to why Norwegian farmed fish were being offered in Canadian grocery stores, given that Canada is bordered by two oceans. Shouldn't Canadians have an abundance of our own locally sourced salmon?

Last night on the news, the answer to my question became clear. Apparently a fish farm on Canada's East Coast (Newfoundland to be exact) was in a heap of a mess. Mass numbers of salmon in ocean cages have died off due to unexpected rising water temperature. The rot is causing problems for local fishermen and it appears to be polluting the surrounding natural water.

Lo and behold, the operator of the fish farm is a Norwegian company! What?!?! (insert vinyl record screeching noise here)

This is quite a catastrophic hot mess! With global warming of sea waters, this issue is about to get worse. I don't want to eat their fish, yet salmon is my favorite food. What else don't we know about Canadian fish farming?!?

Here's the video from CBC News so you can see the problem for yourself...

Written by Pauline Wiser
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